Mentorship Program




Mentorship Program Coordinator

Lee Jackson

Cell: 253-230-1649




The intent of the program is to bridge the gap of growing as an official and to help clarify unusual situations that might be experienced in game assignments.


It is important for selected officials to be actively involved in the evaluation, training and overall improvement of the officials under your guidance. Your dedication in this “giving back “approach will ensure that will ensure Tacoma Basketball Board has a strong future and very successful officials.             

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. All mentors will have at least 2 officials on the JV list assigned to them.

  2. You are required to touch bases at least twice during the regular season with your assignee(s) either by telephone, email or texting or any other computer mechanism available.

  3. You are their first person in the chain to contact ask about unusual situations.

  4. If there is an official that requests you personally as their mentor that is acceptable.

The Mentor and JV official should also:

  1. Determine two (2) specific areas to improve on and then follow up later in the season to determine progress.

  2. Allow the uncertified official to work at least one game together at some point during the regular season.

  3. The mentor should observe at least one game to offer feedback. Sometimes it is not convenient for the senior official to observe the game physically and this feedback can come from another senior official that was present for that particular contest.

  4. Attend a game together to talk about unusual situations and officiating techniques.

  5. Identify in writing the officiating strengths of the JV official. This can be done by using the TBB evaluation form.

  6. Utilize video whenever appropriate to show examples of proper mechanics and floor coverage.

  7. At the end of the season, the JV official and the Mentor should develop a written PIP (Personal Improvement Plan) and submit it to The TBB. This PIP will provide a basis of improvement in the off season for the JV official.

Mentoring Philosophy:


The following items should underline the entire interaction between the mentor and the JV official.


      1. The mentor should be asked either verbally or electronically to accept this responsibility rather than just be appointed. This responsibility must be something the mentor wants to do and will be committed to.

2.    While mentoring, the mentor should observe the appropriate teaching/learning techniques and officiating leadership behaviors:

  1. Be the appropriate role model and maintain the “keeper of the game” image.

  2. Set the appropriate tone and example in both word and deed and be a worthy officiating example.

  3. Provide feedback as soon as possible, not just at the end of the season.

  4. Be encouraging, supportive, and facilitating.

  5. Share behavioral experiences.

  6. Set realistic goals, with timelines, and level of performance desired.

  7. Set high personal standards of excellence, ethics, and sportsmanship in a manner becoming a professional person.

  8. Encourage the observance of both the spirit and letter of the rules and ethical conduct on all occasions to establish character development expectations.

  9. Be committed to improving the sportsmanship and behavior of all participants to enhance the athletic and educational experience.

Guidelines for Mentors to use for Evaluation and Improvement:


a.    Uniform and personal appearance

b.    Whistle use

c.    Signals

d.    Floor mechanics and proper positioning

e.    Jump ball toss to begin game

f.     Rule Knowledge (according to NFHS standards)

g.    Rule application (according to NFHS standards)

h.    Emphasizing and improving cohesiveness

i.      Maintain control of the game

j.      Pre-game conference with coaches and captains

k.    Interactions with coaches

l.      Handling of unsporting conduct, ejection, and technical foul situations

m.   Continually helping with growth and knowledge of the game.


These are basic areas for all mentors to have and use as a guide. The intent is to have a more qualified pool of officials and to become a stronger board. With your help and support we can achieve this undertaking. Thank you for your support.



Lee Jackson

TBB President

Mentorship Program